Welcome to the World of Myths

Myths and mythology exist all over the world.  From the famous Greek mythology that has been drawn upon to write countless stories, to Native American beliefs that are still practiced today, humans have always tried to explain how nature works.  Since we were young kids, both authors have loved mythology and the paranormal, studying it throughout school and even after we graduated.  It’s shaped our writing, our reading, and our lives.  From classic myths across the world to the paranormal in your own back yard, this blog is dedicated to bringing our love of mythology to a wider public.

Each week follows along a theme, beginning with Spooky Sunday (ghosts, horror, and all that fun), Mythology Monday, Tincture Tuesday (herbs), Writing Wednesday, Theology/Theory Thursday, Free Friday (anything that doesn’t fit in a category), and finishing up with Sorcery Saturday.


Elyce and Victoria


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