Unlike the previous herbs I’ve talked about, the main part of ginger that is used is not the flowers or the leaves, but rather the root.  It’s believed to have originated in the Indian subcontinent, but no longer grows wild.  The Romans used it extensively in their meals.  It also became popular in England when it was brought over through the spice trade.  Its use is very common in Indian cuisine including in curries, teas, and coffees.  It’s also a very popular spice come December, where it’s used in gingerbread cookies and houses.  

Most people know how ginger helps in settling the stomach, I’ve used it enough for that in the past.  It also has a large variety of vitamins, containing Vitamin C, copper, manganese, potassium, and magnesium.  Hot ginger tea actually increases cardiovascular circulation as it releases gingerol and protease compounds.  Ginger is also very good for cancer patients as it not only acts as a protector against many forms of cancer and osteoarthritis pain, but it also helps lessen the effects of chemotherapy.

Magically, ginger draws in adventure and new beginnings.  Used in general spells, it will increase the energy and help things come to fruition faster.  If carried in an amulet or pouch, it promotes good health and protection.  It can also be used to consecrate an athame as it both energizes and strengthens the blade.  If the root is in the form of a human, it can be used as a very powerful poppet.  This herb is also important in Hoodoo, giving protection in addition to being used in money and love spells.  If kept under a pillow, it’ll help drive off nightmares, hag riding (hallucinatory sleep paralysis), and evil spirits.  



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