Tarot: Coins (Pentacles)

Different decks will either refer to this suit as coins or pentacles, but in the end, they’re both the same suit.  Representing the element of earth, this suit deals with financial and material wealth.

Ace of Coins

Upright: As the beginning of the suite, this card represents new beginnings, specifically ones in the financial aspects of your life.  Whether a new job or simply prosperity coming into your life, good things, and money, are on the way.

Reversed: When this card shows up reversed, it’s the exact opposite of its upright position.  Here opportunity has been lost, mostly due to a lack of planning or foresight.  Take time to pick up the pieces, then try again.

Two of Coins

Upright: This card is all about time management and balancing your priorities.  You need to be skilled in juggling your job, friends, and family, in order to be successful.

Reversed: If this card shows up reversed, it’s a sign that you’re having trouble with priorities.  Your life is disorganized, making it almost impossible to juggle the things that need to get done.  Take time to sit back and order things, the time is worth it to get your life together.

Three of Coins

Upright: This card is really good when you’re working in a group as it represents teamwork and collaboration.  It also represents learning, perhaps from the people around you as you work towards your goal.

Reversed: We’ve all been in that group that didn’t get along and didn’t get any work done.  That’s what this card represents.  There’s a disorganization in the group and skills are being disregarded.  Sit down with the rest of the group and discuss what’s going on, you might be surprised how well this works.

Four of Coins

Upright: When this card shows up, it’s a sign of control and stability in your life and finances.  It shows control over the situation, but not penny pinching.  This card represents someone who is smart with their resources, saving for a rainy day.

Reversed: Reversed however, this card represents greed.  Materialism is threatening to take over your life, maybe even drive friends and family away.  Take a moment and consider what’s really important.  The answer may surprise you.

Five of Coins

Upright: This generally isn’t a good card to show up in a reading.  Representing instability and financial loss, it’s the last thing most people want to see in a reading.  But all hope is not lost.  Though it may seem impossible, you can pick up the pieces and continue the journey, the suit is only half over.

Reversed: Like most fives, this reversed card is actually a ray of hope.  When reversed, this card represents recovery from the loss of the upright five of coins.  You’ve tripped and fallen, but you’re picking yourself up to keep going.  That takes courage and strength, so keep going.

Six of Coins

Upright: This card is the giving card, representing charity and prosperity.  It’s a sign of sharing the wealth, whether you’re giving or receiving it.  After the loss in the fifth of coins, this card is a welcome sign.

Reversed: If this card shows up reversed, it’s a sign of debt or one-sided charity.  This card denotes selfishness, whether from your or from others around you.  Be careful when this card shows up, it’s a sign to take a look at your actions.

Seven of Coins

Upright: When this card shows up, it’s a sign that the fruits of your harvest are ready to be picked.  You’ve invested in something and now that investment is paying off.  It’s also a sign of the vision and perseverance needed to see a task through.  So if you don’t have anything currently invested in, now is the time to do it.

Reversed: On the other hand, if this card shows up reversed, it’s a sign that now is not the time to invest in anything.  Foretelling a lack of vision and the ability to see things through; when this card shows up, hold off on any long term ventures.

Eight of Coins

Upright: This is a card of education and learning, though this knowledge comes in many forms.  Also representing apprenticeship, this card doesn’t necessarily mean learning as in school or college, but it could be that your lessons will come from a place you don’t expect.  Take this into account and keep your eyes open.

Reversed: Perfectionism can get in the way of many things, and that’s what this card warns of.  It can also warn of a lack of focus or attention paid to the important things in life, thus leaving them unattended.

Nine of Coins

Upright: The nine of any suit represents the culmination of that suit and the nine of coins is no different.  This card represents the culmination of your financial successes, definitely a good sign.  It also represents gratitude and luxury, enjoying the fruits of your hard won rewards.

Reversed: If this card shows up reversed, it’s a sign that you’re too invested in work.  It’s a sign to reevaluate the time and energy you’re putting into your job; you might be missing the important things in life.

Ten of Coins

Upright: As the end of the suite, the ten of cards represents wealth, retirement, inheritance, and establishing a family.  When this card shows up, now’s the time to sit back and relax, you’ve earned it.

Reversed: This card showing up reversed is not a good sign.  It represents financial failure, loss, and loneliness.  It’s a sign that you’re going to need to pick up the pieces and start looking for the new opportunities that the Ace of Coins offers.

Page of Coins

Upright: This card is wonderful for those searching the job field.  A sign of manifestation and a new job, it’s a well needed sign that things are looking up.  Financial opportunity is on it’s way, you’re almost there.

Reversed: When this card shows up reversed it’s a sign of short-term focus.  It also shows a lack of progress and planning, you’re going in circles and getting nowhere.  This is a sign to look at what you’re trying to do and figure out how to actually make progress.

Knight of Coins

Upright: As a knight rides steady on his horse, this card represents that efficiency and methodicalness.  You’re working towards good, and you’re doing a good job.  Keep it up.

Reversed: If this card shows up reversed, it’s a sign that you’re becoming bored with the same old routine.  You’re feeling stuck in the same old routine and need to spice it up.  Take a day where you do something new, change your routine up a bit.

Queen of Coins

Upright: This card represents security and someone who is down to earth.  Practical and motherly, this person is someone you want in your life.  Whether representing you or another, this card shows that there’s a good influence in your life.

Reversed: If reversed, this card represents an imbalance, specifically between your work and family life.  You’re valuing one way over the other and it’s causing problems with both.  Take a moment and consider which one you’re paying more attention to and reconsider your priorities.

King of Coins

Upright: Like the Queen of Coins, this card represents security, but also control and power.  A sign of abundance, it shows you have control over your finances.

Reversed: When this card is reversed, it’s a sign that you or someone around you is controlling or domineering.  A powerful authority figure, they’re taking their power too far.  Take a moment to consider if this is talking about you or another.



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