Colors in Witchcraft

Witchcraft draws from many components around the world, from elements to scents.  Part of the reason I was drawn to witchcraft was because it’s so open.  It allows people to be able create a practice that reflects you and what you care about.  Even for people who can’t openly practice, witchcraft allows people to use common household items in their craft.  Colors themselves are very important within witchcraft and are perhaps the easiest thing to use.  Each color represents certain concepts within magic.  These can be used in candle magic, knot magic, and pretty much anything else you can think of that has multiple colors.  Below I’ve listed the most common colors used, so feel free to get creative.

Pink: Love, passion, romance, peace, family, Imbolc/Candlemas

Red: Root chakra, fire, lust, passion, health, sex, energy, blood, life, courage, strength, Yule, Imbolc

Orange: Solar plexus chakra, good luck, attraction, energy, personal strength, Samhain, Maboon

Yellow: Stomach chakra, air, spirit, communication, intelligence, creativity, confidence, Maboon

Green: Heart chakra, earth, luck, money, health, nature, succes, fertility, Yule, Beltaine

Blue: Throat chakra, water, healing, job spells, weather, truth, inspiration, loyalty, protection, patience, calming, Litha

Purple: Third eye chakra, psychic abilities, magic, meditation, power, sleep, healing

Black: Banishment, removing negativity, protection, elimination, binding, cleansing, Samhain

White: Purity, imagination, new beginnings, blessing, unity, can be used a substitute for other colors, Yule

Gold: Success, wealth, persuasion, fast luck, charm, the Sun

Silver: Stability, removing negativity, remove influences, psychic abilities, the Moon



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