Abrahamic Religions

The three most popular monotheistic religions in the world are Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.  While lately a lot of people seem to be focusing on the differences these religions have, they’re actually more similar than they are different.  All deriving from the same background, the religion of Abraham, they share very common beliefs.  In fact, many people would say that all three religions are different interpretations of the same god, since they worship the same god with different names.  Below we’ve included a list of the similarities between these religions, in hopes that, in this time of hate, people can start seeing how similar we all are.

A List of Comparisons

Holy Books: Torah (Judaism), Bible (Christianity), Quran (Islam)

Holy Book Languages: Hebrew (Judaism), Latin (Catholic Christianity), Local Language (Protestant Christianity), Arabic (Islam)

Places of Worship: Synagogue (Judaism), Church (Christianity), Mosque (Islam)

Names for God: Yahweh/God (Judaism), God (Christianity), Allah (Islam)

Names for the Devil: Satan (Judaism), the Devil/Satan (Christianity), Shaytan (Islam)

Name for Good Afterlife: Gan Eden (Judaism), Heaven/Paradise (Christianity), Jannah (Islam)

Name for Bad Afterlife: Gehenna (Judaism), Hell/Inferno (Christianity), Jahannam (Islam)

Places of Origin: Kingdom of Judah (Judaism), Jerusalem (Christianity), Mecca (Islam)

Times of Origin: c. 2000-1800 BC (Judaism), 33 AD (Christianity), 610 AD (Islam)

Holy Days: Saturday (Judaism), Sunday (Christianity), Friday (Islam)

Religious Leaders:  Rabbi (Judaism), Priest (Catholic Christianity), Preacher (many sects of Protestant Christianity), Imam (Islam)

Major Prophets: Moses (Judaism), Jesus/Twelve Disciples (Christianity), Muhammad (Islam)

~Elyce and Victoria


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