Witchy Clothes

When just starting out, a new witch can swiftly get bogged down with all the myriad items that different spell books talk about.  From wands, to herbs, to candles, the list quickly racks up in cost.  Yet, many of these things aren’t actually needed in order to start practicing.  One of these items are witchcraft robes.  A lot of witchcraft books often talk about wearing a robe or going skyclad when performing spells.  But the issue is, if one isn’t comfortable practicing skyclad, actual robes can get quite expensive (trust me, I gave in and bought one at a Celtic festival).  What a lot of these books don’t mention is there’s another alternative, having a special piece of normal clothing that you wear while performing spells.  I’m going to cover all three of these so you guys can see what works for you.

Skyclad-A lot of texts refer to the practice of performing magic skyclad.  For those who don’t know (I had to look it up when I started), skyclad is just a fancy way of saying naked.  A lot of covens perform their initiations skyclad. In fact, Raymond Buckland talks about it in The Complete Book of Witchcraft.  It’s also mentioned often in beauty spells and self love spells, allowing you to focus on your beauty without the coverings we normally put on.

Robes– The classic witch or wizard apparel, robes and cloaks capture the imagination.  They also quickly empty the wallet.  They can be really pretty, the ones I  have are purple with the triquetra on them, but by no means do you need any in order to actually practice.  If you’re crafty enough, you can actually make your own robes, adding a touch of personalization to your practice.

Ordinary Clothes– Probably the best bet for people who are still in the broom closet, this can be any article of clothing.  Personally I have an amazing grey sweater that I tend to wear, along with a necklace with my goddess’s symbol.  Some people have a special skirt, while others have an entire outfit.  In the end, all it needs to be is a something that’s special to you, it doesn’t need to have a meaning to anyone else.  If you want, you can even try coordinating colors to the specific spells you’re trying to do in order to draw more power into it.



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