Elemental Correspondences

This post will consist of elemental associations from modern beliefs, as well as older metaphysical and alchemical ones. Not all of these will be consistent to all Neopagans or Wiccans of course, given that different people from different places and cultures may have different associations.

Note: An Athame is a ritual dagger.


Latin Word: Ventus

Direction: East

Color: Yellow

State of Matter: Gas

Season: Spring

Solar Midpoint: Spring Equinox

Time: Dawn

Weather: Windy

Attribute: Intellectual

Four Humours: Blood

Four Temperaments: Sanguine

Characteristics: Hot and Wet

Altar Tool: Wand (Sometimes Athame)

Tarot Suit: Wands or Rods (Sometimes Swords)

Alchemical Elementals: Sylphs


Latin Word: Ignis

Direction: South

Color: Red

State of Matter: Plasma

Season: Summer

Solar Midpoint: Summer Solstice

Time: Midday

Weather: Hot

Attribute: Spiritual

Four Humours: Yellow Bile

Four Temperaments: Choleric

Characteristics: Hot and Dry

Altar Tool: Athame (Sometimes Wand)

Tarot Suit: Swords (Sometimes Wands or Rods)

Alchemical Elementals: Salamanders


Latin Word: Aqua

Direction: West

Color: Blue

State of Matter: Liquid

Season: Autumn

Solar Midpoint: Autumn Equinox

Time: Dusk

Weather: Rainy

Attribute: Emotional

Four Humours: Phlegm

Four Temperaments: Phlegmatic

Characteristics: Cold and Wet

Altar Tool: Chalice

Tarot Suit: Cups

Alchemical Elementals: Undines


Latin Word: Terra

Direction: North

Color: Green

State of Matter: Solid

Season: Winter

Solar Midpoint: Winter Solstice

Time: Midnight

Weather: Cold

Attribute: Physical

Four Humours: Black Bile

Four Temperaments: Melancholic

Characteristics: Cold and Dry

Altar Tool: Mortar and Pestle

Tarot Suit: Pentacles or Coins

Alchemical Elementals: Gnomes

Alchemical Glyphs









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