Personal Cleansing

One of the most important parts of witchcraft is cleansing both yourself and the space around you.  While a lot of books talk about burning incense or sage in order to remove the negative energy, there’s an easier way to cleanse yourself personally through meditation.  All it takes is a quiet room and maybe some incense if you want (I don’t use it).  It might not work for everyone, but I’ve found it to be super helpful.

  1. Get comfortable in a quiet room.  I normally do this laying down, but as long as it’s a comfortable position to stay in for a long period of time that’s good.
  1. Close your eyes and imagine roots coming out of your feet (or the base of your spine) and into the ground.
  1. Visualize all of the negative emotions and energy in your life as black gunk inside your body.  With each breath out, push that gunk out of your body.  It might take several minutes to get all the gunk out, so take it slow and be methodical.
  1. Once you’ve degunked yourself, visualize bright energy entering your body with each breath.  Let it fill you from head to toe.
  1. Now that you’re filled with light, create a bubble of energy around yourself.  This will keep the good energy in and all the bad energy out.
  1. And with that, you’re cleansed and ready to go!  I tend to do this before I go to sleep at night and right before I do large spells, but it can also be a good way to remove the stress after a bad day.



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