Protection Spell

Since last night was a full moon (and had a comet, and a lunar eclipse), I spent my time reworking the protection spell around my apartment.  It’s a super easy (and cheap) spell to do so I thought I’d share it with you guys.  This spell is best done during the full moon, but can be done at any time.

You’ll need:

A Bowl



Candle (White or Black)

Bay or Protection Incense

Protection Sigil (Optional)


1. Put water in the bowl and light the candle.

2. Light the bay leaf or the incense with the candle (carefully, bay sparks and goes up really quickly).

3. As the candle burns, add the salt to the water.

4. Stir the water clockwise while focusing on your intent.  Draw the energy of the bay/incense and the candle into your spell to power it.

5. Now take the water and trace it along the windowsills in your house while chanting:

With the water
I create a barrier
So only good may enter

6. Each time you reach a door, trace the top of it with the water and then draw the sigil on the door as well.  Charge the sigil with your intent so that it adds its energy to the spell. If you aren’t using the sigil, just trace the entryways and charge the barrier itself.

7. When you reach the last door, place your hand over the sigil and visualize the protective energy forming a barrier around your house. If you are using just a barrier, and not a sigil, do the same thing for that.

8. And you’re done!  Every time you feel as if you need to revamp the spell, place your hand on that door and visualize the energy and the sigil reforming the barrier.



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