A Rose by Any Other Name

In honor of Valentine’s Day (and all the discount candy tomorrow), I’ve decided to cover roses for today.  The classic romantic flower, roses come in a rainbow of colors and each color has a different meaning.  While some roses are solid colors, others have multiple colors within them.  These draw in the meanings for those specific colors.

Red: Love, desire, lust, romance, beauty, perfection, passion, courage, respect

White: Purity, charm, innocence, new beginnings, weddings, remembrance, secrecy, silence

Pink: Admiration, grace, gentleness, sweetness, joy, happiness, sympathy

Yellow: Joy, warm feelings, happiness, cheerful, friendship, welcome back

Lavender: Love at first sight, wanting to continue a relationship

Orange: Enthusiasm, energy, excitement, desire, passionate romance, sincerity



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