Action Writing Video Refences

Here’s a list of video resources for various action scenes (whether it’s for writing, art, or just for fun). Beside each one will be a small description of what’s in each video.

Fighting in General (Amazing channel by people who make these weapons) 

Swordplay (Polish saber fighting demonstration)

Archery (fast archery explanation/demonstration)

Martial Arts (Krav Maga Compilation) (Aikido Competition)

Parkour/Freerunning (Warning: People Hanging from Extreme Heights) (Compilation) (Compilation) (Compilation) (Compilation)

Horseback Riding (Casual Jumping) (Jumping Compilation) (Jumping Competition) (Horse Racing on a Formal Track) (Informal Beach Race) (Horse Vaulting Competition- Women) (Horse Vaulting Competition- Men) (Lipizzaner Stallions Dancing)


NOTE: Full Metal Jousting is an entire show dedicated to this, if anyone is interested. The first link below is part of the first episode and will give you a decent idea of the show. (Full Metal Jousting Part of Episode 1) (Looks like some Renn Fair Jousting)



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