Sigils are magic designs created with a specific intent. They’re actually one of the easiest types of magic to use.  They are perfect for a witch who doesn’t want their practice out in the open or someone who doesn’t have a lot of money to spend on candles, herbs, and stones.  The name sigil derives from the Latin word sigillum, or “seal”, though some believe it is also related to the Hebrew word segula, which means talismen, action, word, or item of spiritual affect.  Sigils are actually a form of chaos magic, meaning magic that doesn’t have a solid structure or strict rules.  This is meant as an introduction post to sigils, designed to help you get started.


There are a couple different ways to craft sigils.  For the method I normally use, you’re going to need a pen and some scratch paper.  Chose a word or phrase that captures your intent and write it out.  Simplify the word or phrase by removing duplicate letters (some people also remove the vowels).  Now you can either use your normal alphabet or choose a magical alphabet (I use Nordic Runes) for the next step.  Using the remaining letters, combine them to make a singular symbol.  This may take a little bit of time in order to find the perfect design, but find one that calls to you.  Don’t worry if you can’t fit all the letters, sometimes there’s one that just doesn’t work with the design (looking at you Y), but it’ll still work the same. This method has a closer link to languages.

Another method of creating sigils is rather than a word or phrase, finding an image that’s similar to your intent.  For instance, if you’re creating a protection sigil against curses, use an eye as the basis since the Evil Eye is a common protection against curses.  Simplify the design so it’s easier to draw and then you can either add aesthetic to the design or pull in design elements from the other methods of sigil creation. You can also use symbols that are similar to your intent from ancient cultures or religions that aren’t closed. For instance, if you’re a Christian witch, you might enjoy using crosses in your sigils. If you’re not religious, you still might like using hieroglyphics or other symbols in your sigils. In addition, alchemical symbols are are also useful for this method. This method can have a link to languages, like the previous one. However, some of the symbols are used so commonly throughout human culture that they aren’t necessarily tied to any one language or culture. Once you learn some more common metaphysical, religious, and other symbols used in these sigils, you might notice them being used in other people’s sigils and be able to understand the intent of that specific sigil even more.

Both of the above methods can be customized or attuned to the user with a bit of imagination in how one stylizes the sigils.

You can also use number squares or your computer keyboard as ways to create a design.  Here are some links to tutorials on using these as well as examples.


Charging sigils is how you apply your energy and intent to them.  We wrote a post earlier on different methods of charging, all of which can be used to charge sigils.  You’ll also need to add an activation method into your spell.  This could be something such as destroying the sigil (by burning or tearing) or by putting your hand on the sigil and focusing.  You can also have a sigil that’s active as long as it exists, but remember that this will draw energy from you.  I tend to draw sigils on myself with an eyeliner pencil that charge from my energy and activate when they are washed off.

Other resources

Here are some other resources if you want to learn more.


These sigils are some of my favorites to use.  All credit to the creators.



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