Headache Salve

I had a migraine today, so decided to share one of my remedies with you guys today.  While it shouldn’t be the sole replacement for medicine, it really does help with your headaches.


½ Tsp of Pine (you can gather it from the ground)

½ Tsp of Peppermint

½ Tsp of Lemon Balm

2 cups of Olive, Almond, or Sunflower Oil

⅓ cup Beeswax

Peppermint Essential Oil



  1. Put the oil in a pan and set the stove on low; you want it warm but not simmering (if simmering it’ll cause the oil to go bad faster)
  2. Add the herbs in.  If you have an empty tea bag or muslin bag to put them in, then do so as then you won’t have to strain the oil.
  3. Let this mixture sit for three hours on low heat
  4. Strain herbs out of oil (or remove the tea/muslin bag)
  5. Add beeswax to pot and add oil back in
  6. Wait for the wax to melt, then pour concoction into the jar or tin
  7. Add essential oil
  8. Let cool/harden (putting it into the fridge speeds up the process)
  9. Rub on temples (side of the head) when your head hurts



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