Tag Locks

Not all the spells you cast are going to be for yourself, many witches cast spells for their loved ones or cast curses on those who deserve it.  Yet the people you’re casting these spells for might not always be near by or able to take the spells with them (if you have them in a physical form), so many witches use tag locks in order to tie the spell to the person.  A tag lock is either something from the person, whether hair, blood, or nails, or something that reminds you of that person.  Many people use pictures of the person they are trying to affect with the spell or curse as well.  The tag lock that you are choosing to use doesn’t have to be something obvious to everyone, recently I made a protection spell with gears for a friend who loves inventing.  As long as it reminds you of the person, it will help direct the universe’s energy towards them.  Just make sure you get permission from the person before using a tag lock for them.



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