Meet The Authors

Roommates with an obsession


Victoria has studied anthropology, English, and psychology. She has always enjoyed writing and prefers to genre of fantasy although she also dabbles in other genres. Ever since she was little, she would watch and read anything mythological or fantastical that she could get her hands on. Eventually she came to realize that the genre of fantasy just uses mythological elements in a more modern fashion and began to write. She loves all mythology, but in recent years has taken a liking to Celtic myth. She also adores history and has studied it extensively. Researching, reading, and writing are her hobbies, although she also enjoys video games and not writing about herself in the third person.


A recent college graduate, Elyce has a major in Criminology, Anthropology, and a minor in Sociology (and a lot of time on her hands).  She first fell in love with all things fantasy as a little kid when her mother would read her stories before bed.  As a teenager and an adult she still loves writing fantasy short stories and delving into the supernatural.  Always a fan of bad horror movies and ghost shows, she loves going on vacation to haunted locations.  In her spare time she enjoys sewing and looking a cute cat pictures.